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List of publications

Present academic position
Post doc researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University in the project Ekoklim.

Academic education
2011 Doctor of Philosophy in Systems Ecology. Title: Urban shades of green. Current patterns and future prospects of nature conservation in urban landscapes. Supervisors: Dr Regina Lindborg, Dr Sara Cousins and Prof. Thomas Elmqvist.
2008 Degree of Licentiate of Philosophy in Systems Ecology.
Title: Challenges of urban nature conservation. Supervisors: Dr Regina Lindborg, Dr Sara Cousins and Prof. Thomas Elmqvist.
2004 Accepted as PhD student in Systems Ecology
2003 Master of Science in Biology, Stockholm University
2002 Bachelor degree in Geography, Stockholm University
1998-2003 Studies in biology, geography, and environmental science

PhD courses
2008 System analysis
2008 Spatial analysis
2008 GIS
2006 University pedagogics
2005 Efficient indicators of biodiversity
2004 Qualitative research methods
2004 Adaptive co-management

International network

2007- Participant of the International Urban Theme at the Stockholm Resilience Center. A network of several cities, e.g. Stockholm, Istanbul, Bangalore, Melbourne and New Orleans, aiming at increasing the knowledge on urban social-ecological systems and shaping platforms for research collaborations.
2004-2005 Collaboration with PhD student Hoski Schafsmaa, Arizona State University, Phoenix, US. Studying historical traits of urban green areas and their potential importance of current ecological values and management.
2005- Collaboration with PhD Vesa Yli-Pelkonen at Helsinkii University. Exchange of experiences of urban ecology studies in a Nordic context.

Administration and teaching
2004-2008 Course assistant (2004) and teaching (2004-2008) at “Natural resource management and
ecological resilience” course, part of international master programme, CTM
2004-2005 Course assistant of “Natural Resource Management, Governance and Globalisation”, one year
international master programme, CTM
2004 Organising and teaching the “Environmental course” at the Swedish Programme for US students, CTM
2003-2004 Course leader of “Världens Eko” thogehter with Henrik Ernstson, CTM